We provide program and construction management services in West Africa with an experienced team offering comprehensive solutions from project start to finish. Our professionals handle various delivery options and construction services for projects of all sizes while emphasizing building enduring client and design professional relationships to bring project visions to life.


Candix Engineering Limited uses global resources and advanced engineering for top-notch facilities. They offer a streamlined process, cost-effective execution, and expertise in virtual communication. Trusted in West Africa for complex projects, they provide diverse engineering services and innovative solutions for the future.


Candix Engineering Limited optimizes global procurement for project success through tailored, cost-efficient services honed in Africa. We identify cost-saving opportunities, from materials to complex services, to enhance client operations with high performance and low-risk processes.


Candix Engineering offers budget-aligned, comprehensive maintenance services, including plant management, safety, and supplies. With over 10 years of experience, we follow industry best practices and collaborate with leading OEM companies for excellence and safety.


Candix Engineering Limited offers comprehensive telecommunications services, including broadband networking technologies, for various customers, including consumers, SMEs, businesses, and governments. Their services cover VSAT and microwave networks, fiber optics, CCTV, access control, data centers, IT solutions, and GSM cell sites.


Candix Engineering Limited provides cost effective World Class Drilling Services from  the Well Planning Stages to the Well Completions and testing Stages through a Combination of of very experienced personnel and with support from our local and multinational partners.

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