Candix Engineering Limited leverages its global resources and proven engineering expertise to deliver world-class facilities that meet clients’ demanding business needs. Our streamlined global engineering process, utilizing robust, data-centric, and technologically advanced methods, consistently produces results even in challenging locations.

Our time-tested design approach prioritizes stakeholder input and minimizes costly redesigns. We offer a full range of services, including EPC, grassroots facilities, offshore engineering, FEEDs, conceptual studies, start-up, commissioning, and logistics planning.

A key strength of Candix Engineering Limited is our effective communication with clients and project teams through information management systems and virtual work environments, enabling us to utilize our global expertise regardless of physical location. Clients benefit from cost-effective distributed project execution and access to our niche experts.

Throughout West Africa, Candix Engineering Limited is trusted for engineering services across diverse sectors, including technology, upstream, government, and energy, delivering innovative solutions for future challenges.


Our range of mechanical engineering services includes pipelines (Steel, HDPE, GRE), pumps, steam turbines, water resources, gas expanders, blowers, corrosion control, lifts, material handling and storage systems (including conveyors and cable handling equipment), as well as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems like boilers and refrigeration.


We have strong affiliations with leading process control OEMs such as Peronipompe, Ameron International, Velan S.A.S, Valbart, atsfaar industries, SGB, Ansaldo STS, Pompe Gabbionetta, Calnetix, and Fluorocarbon.

Our instrumentation process services encompass a wide range, including control valves, pneumatic equipment and controls, manufacturing plants, special-purpose control panels, fire alarm systems, and automation solutions.


We lead in technical advances and sustainability, conducting research and development to ensure clients benefit from innovation without added risks. Our services encompass power generation, lighting, UPS systems, telecommunications, and specialized systems using semiconductor technology.

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