Our company, staffed with Quality Control Specialists, oversees the quality control, inspection, manufacturing, and quality surveillance of oil and gas components, including drilling and completion tools. Our processes adhere to ISO 9001 standards. We also act as representatives for our clients, overseeing operations at vendor facilities, drilling rigs, onshore and offshore projects, and various global locations. Additionally, we offer technical staffing services for vendor surveillance tasks.


We provide upstream QA/QC surveillance for drilling and completions equipment, including D&C services, rentals, and intervention gear worldwide. Our services cover OCTG mills, material and equipment manufacturing surveillance, as well as life cycle management, preventive maintenance, and inventory management for customer-owned equipment.


We provide surveillance and monitoring services for a range of equipment, including OCTG (tubular) and drill pipe, manufactured equipment, mechanical equipment, pipeline and processing equipment, subsea and Christmas tree equipment, and well intervention equipment such as slickline, coiled tubing, E-line, and through tubing tools.

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