Candix Engineering Limited is a leading provider of program and construction management services in West Africa. Their experienced construction team handles projects from concept to commissioning, offering comprehensive solutions that leverage local knowledge and global expertise. They provide a range of integrated delivery options, including design-build and public-private partnerships, supported by economic and feasibility studies. Their construction services cover a wide range of project scopes, budgets, schedules, and complexities. In addition to project management, they focus on building lasting relationships with clients and design professionals, playing a crucial role in bringing clients’ visions to life.


Candix Engineering Limited offers comprehensive pre-construction and construction solutions, tailoring our services to each client’s specific needs and project complexity. Our services encompass the entire project lifecycle, from design to completion.

As third-party project managers, we oversee all project aspects, including estimation, design, and safety, supported by our teams of project management and site supervision experts. Our services range from estimation and procurement to scheduling and engineering.

Our open-book approach provides clients with access to project documents, and we engage them in decisions regarding aesthetics, schedules, and costs. Owners can actively participate in each stage, ensuring transparency and effective communication throughout the project.


Candix Engineering Limited offers fee-based construction management services with at-risk features, including fixed-priced general conditions and guaranteed maximum price contracts. This approach combines technical services, project management, and site supervision with agreed-upon prices and schedules, focusing on cost control.

In a representative role, they advise clients on various project aspects, from site acquisition to construction, providing comprehensive information at each stage. Their services encompass building and road construction, dredging, design-only bridges and dams, erosion control, soil stabilization, and steel fabrications like tanks and ramps.

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