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Career Development.

Learning and Development

Career Development

At Candix Engineering (Nigeria) Limited, our continued success depends on having a workforce that is dynamic, flexible and knowledgeable. We help our valued employees develop the skills that will advance their career ambitions in a manner that matches our business needs.

The following are just a few of the what how development takes place at Candix Engineering Limited:

  • We offer a place where you can access training and development programs linked to the company’s business objectives and strategy.
  • You gain access to a network that promotes the career and personal development of Candix Engineering Limited’s young professionals by enhancing company culture, encouraging community involvement and promoting interaction among colleagues.
  • Continuous Learning is guaranteed from targeted training and development for every professional level, from new employee orientation to executive leadership education.

Learning and Development


As a Candix Engineering (Nigeria) Limited employee, you will have access to many career development opportunities, both on-the-job and through our Learning and Development Group, where a team of training and development professionals creates a consistent global approach to career development.

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